I have spent my entire professional career in Calgary and my interest in real estate development has grown ever stronger as I’ve marveled at the changes in our urban landscape. Over the last 35 years this city has transformed itself into a global metropolis and yet our understanding of the typical challenges and opportunities of urban development are arguably just beginning to emerge.

Through investing my own capital in Calgary real estate over a 25 year period I’ve observed that these investments have consistently outperformed many other investments through “up” and “down” markets. Calgary has proven consistently “investment worthy” – where the broader context of economic vitality, favourable tax regime and conservative fiscal policies help reduce volatility and promote balanced growth in value unlike most other North American real estate markets.

Having led or participated in more than $600 million of real estate financings over the last dozen years or so, I have sharpened my skills in conceiving, evaluating and managing development projects which are rooted in critical analysis, buffed with creativity (and sometimes a touch of idealism) and absolutely married to the requirement for investment performance. Done well, real estate development is a fascinating, creative, difficult but rewarding undertaking that produces lasting results which benefit many. Done poorly, it is a frustrating, uninspired, difficult and costly undertaking that produces lasting results which sadden many.

Having seen both outcomes, you can probably guess which one I prefer.

Calgary Urban Equities is both a culmination and a beginning. Our development experience ranges from individual home renovations to major regional development projects involving financing, investment and project marketing activities. We understand commercial retail, office, hospitality, single and multifamily residential (detached, semi-detached, townhomes, apartments), seniors housing, golf course resort and recreational developments. Our team and partners represent a group of committed individuals and companies with a rare combination of highly developed, complementary skills, deep rooted familiarity with our urban landscape and a genuine, longstanding interest in helping to evolve our city and surrounding communities in a lasting and meaningful way… and yet our journey is just beginning.

Through this endeavour we are creating a successful balance of our core values while living fully and responsibly in a city of which we are all justifiably proud. With our own investment of cash equity and professional services, combined with those who recognize the sincerity and competence of our initiative, we will continue to create prosperity and lasting value for all stakeholders.

We appreciate your interest! Whether you’re interested in one of our projects or have real estate project ideas to present, we would like to hear from you.

Jonathan K. Allen, BA, MBA, CIM
May 2012